Ssom! 썸!


Staring: I.O.I’s Jeon Somi – Seventeen’s Joshua | Genre: Fluff, Humor | Vignette

Jeon Somi itu tetanggaku yang paling aneh.

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What’s Wrong?


Staring: NCT’s Jaehyun – DIA/IOI’s Chaeyeon | Genre: Fluff, Humor, College-Life | Vignette

Terima kasih kepada Jung Jaehyun, pembalasan dendamnya bahkan lebih manis dari gula-gula kapas.

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9 years and still counting


I may not been there for these past nine years
But I will always there for you until the end

Thank you for these past 9 years (for me, it’s six) Soshi

There are a lot of things happen these few years, but likes what Fany said: “We promised you a better day,” and we will keep remember that promised

You guys are the reason why I Still into kpop, keep create a great music for korean music industry and for Sone!

Stay strong as Soshibond, cause Sone always there to cheer u guys up!
Let’s go on for a long time. Let’s go on for a long journey!


Right now, In the future, Forever it’s Girls’ Generation!

SAILING (0805)

And BIG THANKS to Choi Sooyoung who write such a beautiful lyrics like this, you are amazing~<3