Attracted Girl


Main Cast :

(VIXX) Han Sanghyuk – (AOA) Kim Seolhyun

Genre :

Romance, Fluff

 “Kadang aku tidak mengerti kenapa kau begitu menarik dimataku, Kim Seolhyun.”

I’m curious about that girl over there
I can’t stop looking at her
When the wind blows, her hair flies around
It makes my heart stop

Oh baby, why am I like this? My heart feels strange
I can only think of you
If I felt like this before, I wouldn’t be confused
But I think this is love

That girl I’m attracted to, I chase after her
I don’t care wherever she goes
As soon as I see her, she makes me forget everything
She paints my heart white
That girl I’m attracted to

 [MONSTA X] Kihyun & Jooheon – Attracted Woman (Orange Marmalade OST)


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